Urbanisation in India: Initiatives and Technologies


After becoming an independent sovereign nation in 1947, India has progressed at a constant and a swift pace. According to UN World Urbanisation Prospects Report 2018, India is urbanising at a rapid rate with over 34% of India’s population living in urban areas.

Time and again, the leaders and thinkers have been pressing on Smart Urbanisation which involves effective integration of digital, physical and human systems in the built environment to deliver sustainable, prosperous and inclusive future for its citizens.

With the selection of over 100 cities for Smart Cities Mission and many other initiatives from the government, the process of urbanisation has catalysed leading to rapid growth in urban sector.

The Urbanisation and issues related with it are addressed and handled by the Ministry of Urban Affairs.


Nurturing Neighbourhood Challenge

· The Ministry of Urban Affairs launched this challenge as a three-year initiative to support cities to develop, pilot and scale sustainable solutions to enhance quality of life of young children, their caretakers and families.

· This initiative will be available for all the smart cities and other cities with more than 5,00,000 population and capitals of state and union territories.