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03 July 2024 - Daily Current Affairs Updates (IAS)

Today’s Current Affairs Update: “ProxyGyan IAS Express”

Date: 03 July 2024.

1. Nouka Baich Boat Race

2. Abhay Mudra

3. SEBEX - 2

4. Malayan Tigers

5. AI Washing

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  1. Nouka Baich Boat Race - Boat race festival in the news:

News: As the south-west monsoon sets in, the traditional nouka baich boat races will soon begin in various rural areas of West Bengal.

Traditional Significance: Nouka baich is a celebrated traditional boat. race in West Bengal.

• Timing: These races typically take place in September, during the last weeks of the monsoons when the rivers are swollen. In some areas, the races continue into October and even November.

• Participation: While historically dominated by men, recent years have seen increased participation from women.

• Cultural Connection: In southern West Bengal, these races are often associated with the worship of Manasa, the Hindu goddess of snakes, who is widely revered by agrarian communities.

2. Abhay Mudra :

• News: Rahul Gandhi recently invoked the 'abhayamudra' in Parliament.

• What is the Abhaya Mudra?

• The abhaya mudra, in the Buddhist context, is a significant hand gesture representing

fearlessness, security, and compassion.

• It is one of the earliest and most widely recognized mudras found in the visual depictions of the Buddha.

• Origins of the Abhaya Mudra:

• The term "mudra" in Sanskrit can mean a seal, mark, sign, or currency.

• In Buddhism, it refers specifically to hand and arm gestures made during rituals or depicted in images of buddhas and other Buddhist figures.

• The abhaya mudra emerged around the turn of the first millennium with the earliest physical depictions of the Buddha.

• Symbolism of the Abhaya Mudra:

• The abhaya mudra is typically formed with the right hand raised to shoulder height, palm

facing outward, and fingers pointing up.

• This gesture conveys a sense of fearlessness, protection, and reassurance.

• It is associated with the Buddha immediately after his Enlightenment, symbolizing the security, serenity, and compassion derived from Enlightenment.

3. SEBEX -2 : Explosives in the news:

• News: India has taken a significant stride towards achieving self-reliance in defence with the development of SEBEX 2 which is more potent than Trinitrotoluene (TNT).

• Definition: SEBEX 2 is recognized as one of the most powerful non-nuclear explosives globally, leveraging a high-melting explosive (HMX) composition.

• Composition and Lethality:

• Explosives which are used in conventional or non-nuclear warheads are measured in

TNT equivalence.

• Normally, this ranges from 1.25 to 1.30 times the strength of TNT.

• HEMEX, the explosive used in the warheads of Brahmos missiles, has 1.5 times TNT equivalence.

• SEBEX 2, the formulation developed by Nagpur's Solar Group has 2.01 equivalence, exceeds HEMEX.

• This formulation makes it highly sought after for enhancing the firepower of bombs, artillery shells, and warheads without increasing their weight.

• Manufacture and Certification:

• Manufactured by Economic Explosives Limited (EEL), Nagpur, a subsidiary of Solar Industries, SEBEX 2 is a product of India's Make in India initiative.

• It has been rigorously evaluated, tested, and certified by the Indian Navy under its

DefenceExport Promotion Scheme.

4. Malayan Tigers : AAnimal Species in News

• News: There are less than 150 Malayan tigers left in the wild.

• Definition: The Malayan tiger (Panthera tigris jacksoni), known as Harimau Malaya in Malay, is native to Peninsular Malaysia.

• Distribution: Found in southern and central parts of the Malay Peninsula, as well as southern Thailand

• Cultural Significance: The Malayan tiger is the national symbol of Malaysia.

• Behavior: The Malayan tiger is primarily solitary; except during the mating season from November to March.

• Threats: Major threats include habitat loss, poaching, destruction of biodiversity, deforestation, and urbanization, which continue to endanger the species.

5. AI Washing: Keyword in News:

• News: Tech companies and startups marketing themselves as using Al, but not doing so form the basis of 'Al washing'.

• What is AI Washing?

• Al washing involves companies exaggerating their integration of artificial intelligence (AI) in products or services to appear more advanced than they actually are.


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